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Why MagneTrainer is Top of its Class.

Magnetic Resistance  provides smooth, quiet, pedal motion at all resistance settings and pedal speeds.
Non-Magnetic bikes tend to have a jerky pedal motion that varies with pedal speed. They can also be noisy, wear out quickly, and often require
routine maintenance. MagneTrainer has German engineered bearings and which should last for years in both commercial and home environments.

The majority of pedal exercisers do not have magnetic resistance. If they don't mention magnetic resistance, they don't have it. There are only two other pedal exercisers under £200 that have magnetic resistance. They are shown in the picture below.

Wider, More Stable Base

The MagneTrainer has a wide solid base, which keeps it firmly on the floor or table. No rocking from side to side when you pedal. This is because both the front and rear legs are over 15 inches wide. Bikes with narrow bases tend to rock from side-to-side when you pedal them.

Fastened Front Feet
We fasten the front feet to the front legs with screws to eliminate rolling.

Velcro Tether
Every MagneTrainer comes with a Velcro tether. The Velcro tether keeps the MagneTrainer from sliding when used on slippery floors. It's also useful when you have a chair with rollers.

Wider Pedal Resistance Range
The MagneTrainer has the widest resistance range available. The other Magnetic Pedal Exercisers top out at 100W. The cheaper tube frame bikes have far less than 100W. For many people 100W is not enough.

The MagneTrainer pedal resistance adjusts from almost nothing to nearly 160 W. This is about 1.6 to 5 times the range of other pedal exercisers.

Sturdy Pedals with Adjustable Velcro Straps
The MagneTrainer comes stocked with high-quality pedals. These pedals have ball-bearings and long, heavy-duty adjustable Velcro® straps. Other pedal exercisers do not have adjustable straps, nor do they use ball bearings.

We use more expensive components to ensure that our bikes last for years.

Optional Accessories
Several optional accessories have been designed specifically for the MagneTrainer.

  • Ergo Handles for ergonomic arm workouts.

  • Larger pedals. Also have Velcro Straps.

  • PC Interface. Logs your exercise activity.

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